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Does owning a pet make me healthier?

If you’re anything like our team at Kor Plus you’re always looking for ways to revamp and revitalize your health and wellness routine. There are millions of trends and fads out there that emphasize the wellness buzzwords that people scour the web for, but if you’re like us, you’re (always) on the lookout for realistic, tried-and-true healthy lifestyle choices that you know will keep you in tip-top condition. You probably know all the basic advice – drink more water, get moving, and eat right. But did you know that one of the best ways to stay healthy is by owning a pet?

It’s true! Fido can help you with more than just furry cuddles and taking care of your leftovers. In fact, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Scientific Reports, dog ownership (or pet ownership in general) is associated with reducing the risks of cardiovascular disease, other health issues, and can even be linked to longer life spans.

The benefits of owning a pet are innumerable, but we’re going to dive into our top three favorite ways that being a paw-rent (that’s right, we said paw-rent) can help boost your health and wellness!

1. More Walks, More Exercise

When it comes to owning a pet – dogs, especially – one of the biggest responsibilities that comes with it is exercise. Your pooch, or other animal, will need ample walks, play-time, and exercise to not only keep them in shape, but also to keep their hyperactivity in check. The more walks your pup needs, the more walks you’ll go on, and the more exercise you’re getting, the better off your body will be. The cardiovascular benefits (and the improved blood pressure you’ll likely experience) will do wonders for your wellness. According to WebMD, pets are great for cardiovascular health. In fact, studies show that heart attack patients who have dogs (or other pets who require walks and exercise) often survive much longer than those who do not have pets.

2. Combat Depression and Stress with Cuddles

Pets are good for the soul, sure, but they’re also good for your mental wellness. Studies reflect that simply by petting a dog for a few minutes will decrease cortisol (stress) levels significantly. Owning a pet will likely lead to a calmer approach to life, something that can also positively impact your blood pressure, too. Pets are wonderful for people who live alone, as well. Owning a pet can improve your mood, reduce your stress, help stave off loneliness, and encourage feelings of responsibility when caring for another living being. This is probably the most obvious health and wellness benefit associated with owning a pet – companionship. Feelings of attachment and love, as well as the dependent connection we form with our animals, provides us with the mental stability and emotional companionship that humans need.

3. Allergen Reduction

It seems counterintuitive to snuggle up with a dirty dog to avoid allergens but hear us out. Recent studies suggest that having a pet in your home can help reduce the development (especially in children) of animal related allergies by as much as 33 percent. People, especially children, that live with animals, are likely to have stronger immune systems with higher levels of immune system chemicals that work to fight allergies like eczema. Because dogs and other pets are “dirty” animals, those who have greater exposure to them early in life will likely adapt to have a stronger immune system that isn’t subject to those allergens.

So this one is for all you pet owners and for those thinking about pet ownership, we hope this article helps you decide.