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You’ve heard of Superfoods. Meet Super Water.

Superfoods are the elitists among fruits and vegetables, and KOR+ brings you the same benefits without the calories. Oh yeah, it's alkaline up to 9.5 pH, too.


Neutralizes free radicals which damage cells


Increases energy + speeds up muscle recovery

9+ Alkalinity

Supports the immune system + rejuvenates skin


Promotes bone health + calcium absorption


Reduces blood pressure + water retention


Reduces risk of stroke + heart disease

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Smarter Hydration Through Science

Staying hydrated throughout the day will improve your health, keep you mentally sharper and help you feel full longer. Find out how KOR+ takes your water to the next level with its innovative filter.

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Ridding The Planet Of Plastic - One Bottle At A Time

You can feel good knowing you’re not contributing to one of the world’s largest eco problems – plastic. Drink the best water on earth while saving an average of 1,460 water bottles a year (yes, that’s per person). Karma’s on the way to drop a big hug on you for doing your part.

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“Not all water bottles are created equal... the KOR+ is definitely our newest favorite for a bevy of reasons.”

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Water that performs, so you can too. Join the movement and share your KOR+ lifestyle.