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Molecular Hydrogen Effect on Sports and Fitness

If you’re an athlete or a fitness enthusiast, you might have heard of molecular hydrogen. Many individuals—even the ones who aren’t so active—have discovered the benefits of this antioxidant. Its popularity has been on the rise over the past few years as more and more people give it a try.


In short, molecular hydrogen (H2) is a gas. It’s recently been added to water, which is typically called hydrogen water. Hydrogen water can help with aging, healing, and fights oxidative stress. In addition, this powerful water is an essential part of sports and fitness.


Molecular hydrogen is especially important for athletes. It works to help the body to recover from intense physical activity. If you’re drinking water during and after a workout, which you should be, you will see even greater results with hydrogen water. It’s made for recovery and healing.


Studies have shown that hydrogen water is effective in preventing muscle fatigue. This is important before you begin your workout so that you can prepare properly. You can also drink hydrogen water after your workout so that your body can bounce back from muscle fatigue.


According to this pilot study, from 2012, hydrogen water works by preventing oxidative stress. When your body is dealing with oxidative stress, your muscles can become worn out or inflamed. When soccer players were given molecular hydrogen, their muscles were able to recover more quickly. They saw less negative effects.


Molecular hydrogen water has also been known to give people a natural boost of energy. This can be useful during a workout. Altogether, molecular hydrogen water is a good way to improve your overall athletic performance. It’s perfect for athletes or anyone else who loves a good sweat session!


If you want to get molecular hydrogen into your body, you have a handful of options, including: 

  • Drinking hydrogen water
  • Taking a hydrogen bath
  • Inhaling hydrogen
  • Dropping hydrogen saline solution into your eyes


Which one you choose will truly depend on your lifestyle and your own personal preferences. Take a look at your current schedule and try to figure out what you have time for on a daily or weekly basis.


Drinking hydrogen water is one of the easiest ways to get the molecular hydrogen that you need. To make this even simpler, you can use KOR Plus. KOR+ is a unique reusable bottle and filter that adds molecular hydrogen, as well as electrolytes and other minerals.


Molecular hydrogen is an important addition to your workout. It helps to improve your performance and makes your recovery much quicker. Adding hydrogen water to your fitness or athletic routine can be extremely beneficial to your activities. Try to drink it before or after physical activity for best results!