Getting Started with KOR+

Welcome to KOR+ 

Please watch this short video and read the instructions below in full.

(1) Clean Your Bottle

Before using KOR+, you should either hand-wash the bottle, cap and straw or place in your dishwasher (KOR+ is dishwasher safe, top-rack).  Always make sure the filter is NOT in the straw/bottle when washing.  You can store your filter in the filter tube packaging provided.

(2) Prepare the Filter

Take your new KOR+ filter out of the tube package and wrapper.  Rinse under running water for about 20 seconds.  

Next, let's soak the filter up to 8 hours to optimize the minerals. We recommend soaking overnight in your KOR+ bottle filled with water.

(3) Insert the KOR+ Filter into Bottle

Gently insert to cap by placing the open-end of filter into the underside of cap as shown (note, the filter has an open hole on one end and is closed on the bottom).

To insert the filter, gently pinch the top of the filter (i.e., the open hole side) and insert into underside of cap.  Please do not twist filter or push hard. See image below:

Next, sleeve the straw over the filter and turn the cap to secure straw and cap.

(4) Enjoy!

Your now all set. Simply start sipping through the spout. You might experience a little resistance in flow when first starting a new filter. This is completely normal.  Flow will improve with each bottle.  Water is being transformed into antioxidant hydrogen water with each sip!