It started with a challenge you are probably familiar with: Finding the time to properly manage your diet to ensure a healthy balance without spending a fortune doing it. The daily flood of conflicting and confusing dietary recommendations didn't help matters.  
So we decided to simplify the process to fit it into our lives quickly and effortlessly. Our first priorities: upping our antioxidants, maintaining an alkaline balance, and staying hydrated. We researched how to do all three as easily and inexpensively as possible. One solution kept rising to the surface as our idea evolved: water. Yes, water—but not your ordinary water.
Our version would be alkaline and would be the vehicle to deliver electrolytes and antioxidants. The result is our groundbreaking Kor Plus water bottle and filter. It combines coconut shells with molecular hydrogen to filter tap water and inject it with all the elements to enrich your body.
You already drink water. Do more with KOR Plus.