KOR Plus Bottle + Filter Subscription

KOR Plus Bottle + Filter Subscription

First month: $30 for 1 bottle and 1 filter
Every month after: $15 per month


Water Made Better


Antioxidant-rich, alkaline water in every sip.

Replaces costly bottled water.

Sustainable and BPA-free

Fits your daily routine

Easy to use

    How It Works

    Get It

    Sign up and you'll receive a water bottle and filter for $30—free shipping included.

    Refresh it

    Never forget to change your filter again. You'll be sent a new one each month for $15, shipping included. Cancel anytime.

    Love it—guaranteed

    You'll get your money back if you don't like Kor+, but we think you'll be hooked after one sip.

    Super-Charged Hydration.

    The KOR+ filter system purifies and infuses regular water with electrolytes and molecular hydrogen (a powerful antioxidant), while also raising pH up to an alkaline 9+ to enrich your body everyday.

    Increases athletic performance + recovery

    Improves skin health

    Reduces risk of heart disease, stroke + diabetes

    Increases energy

    Defends against environmental stresses

    Reduces cholesterol

    Hype for H20